The best virtual feels on the internet

Host a Metaverse Experience in under a minute

Performances, Talks, Premieres, Meetups, Networking, Happy Hours


Audience and artists connect in amazing 3D worlds.


Create immersive experiences for students and teachers.


Spaces link together to create an infinitely scalable experience.


Display your NFT collection or product line and create a showroom with links to your marketplace.


Easily interact and exchange information with new connections.


Collaborate on projects in the metaverse.
Gather in 3 easy steps...
step 1

Create & Customize your Space

Grab your free space, select your environment, upload your custom images.

step 2

Invite your friends & fans

Copy invite link, paste in calendar invite, Discord, What’s App, Zoom chat…

Step 3

Set a Vibe just like IRL

Play music and video with a screen share; plan a performance, presentation, or screening; encourage groups to mingle and meet others.

Host thousands

Link instances together with portals, built to scale. (contact us for additional spaces).

151 People concurrently

Capacities up to 151 simultaneous players in each space.

High QUality Streaming

HLS live streaming to 3D spaces. Easily stream to as many spaces as you need all from one source. (contact us for access)

With Ease

Easily open and close spaces, add portals, invite guests. The power is in your hands.

Your Audience

Create immersive face-to-face experiences within inspiring 3D environments.


Guests remember their experiences because when NOWHERE, you actually ARE somewhere.
Powerful features
real liFe feels

3d spatial audio

Just like in real life, people that are close to you are louder than people further away. This lets virtual interactions feel more natural, and allows for multiple conversations to happen in the same space without overlapping.

meet new humans

Card Exchange & Player List

Orbit cards allow your guests to connect and share personal details and contact info with each other. Hosts have control of the room and can choose which players to amplify, mute or kick out.

present with power

Screenshare & Live Stream

Play music and video with a screen share; plan a performance, presentation, or screening; encourage groups to mingle and meet others.

No Download

No software install or headset needed, simply use a browser and webcam.

1-click invite

Click a link and drop into any space instantly.


Worlds as public or as private as you need.


Manage permissions with ease. Mute, Kick out, or block guests as needed.


Add images, links, information to custom frames or build your own world with our world builder tool.


Link or instance spaces to host for thousands.


What is NOWHERE used for?

Do I need to install anything?

Does NOWHERE work on mobile devices?

What is spatial audio?

How much does NOWHERE cost?

What are spaces, and what is a station?

Is my NOWHERE space truly private?

How many people can a space hold?

Can NOWHERE be used to organize large scale events?

Can I share my screen in NOWHERE?

How can I share my contact information with other users in NOWHERE?


CONNECT, explore and CREATE in the metaverse.
Take a test flight

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