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Brazil Immersive Fashion Week

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Brazil Immersive Fashion Week (BRIFW) is a collaborative platform for studies in technology and fashion. Recently, BRIFW developed ÍON, the first immersive fashion exhibition in Latin America, with one of the most innovative fashion designers from Latin America, Lucas Leão. In addition, BRIFW started Immersive Meets with all the creators of the exhibition; these meetings were designed to spread the applicability of digitalization in fashion. Thinking about developing these talks in an immersive way, we used the platform NOWHERE. Over the course of one month, Immersive Meets built narratives and debates about how technology can work together with fashion.

"The immersive experience proposed by the platform NOWHERE allowed us infinite possibilities in communication and interaction between the event's participants. The meetings held in the metaverse at NOWHERE featured musical presentations, moments of relaxation and interaction, and educational moments, where the creators of the exhibition made presentations about their work and how to build an immersive fashion exhibition." -Isabella Carrielo

Gathering Tips

Gate your Experience :: Restrict access to your event using NFTs or other blockchain assets. Create a Gating Policy on your Edit Space page so that only those with a patircular asset can enter the space.

Add Filter for Fun :: Redirect your video output to Snap Camera or OBS Studio to add color, animation, and character for a more animated presence on the platform.

Show off Merch and other Media :: Link out the custom frames to merchandise, and other media available for purchase.

DJ in God Mic:: Set the vibe or your event with a DJ in God Mic; make sure to adjust his audio levels so the music is present, but still allows for interactions among guests.

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