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Gather friends, fans, colleagues in the metaverse in seconds

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meet real humans in beautiful worlds

perform nowhere

be with your audience

Literally face & hear audiences in real-time and build off that in-person energy.

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network, mingle, inspire

Present, collaborate, and network in exploratory, inspiring environments on the browser!

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Produce amazing experiences for audiences, from a handful to thousands.

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“Nowhere is an online haven that mashes up Zoom, Fortnite, and Clubhouse.”

Mike Snider



Human-friendly video chat gatherings. Meet and connect with real humans.

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Click a link and transport into any space instantly.

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No software to install or headset required, just a browser and webcam.

EXperience spatial audio

Proximity-based sound for IRL feeling conversations.

Present with power

Native tools for screen sharing, content streaming, and live performance.

Secure your spaces

Create worlds as public or private as you need. Even wallet gate spaces with NFTs or Tokens.
"The future of socializing online."

Toshi Hoo

Institute for the Future


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Does NOWHERE work on mobile devices?

What is spatial audio?

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Is my NOWHERE space truly private?

How many people can a space hold?

Can NOWHERE be used to organize large scale events?

Can I share my screen in NOWHERE?

How can I share my contact information with other users in NOWHERE?