"life is the art of the encounter"

Vinicius de Moraes


Jay Scheib - MIT

"The future of socializing online"

Toshi Hoo - Institute For The Future

“The missing link in conference calling”

Jordan Lejuwaan - Futurism

Nowhere is the future
of online gathering

Is about human
centered conversations

Connect with people
just like in real life

Are you curious yet?

where gathering happens

Navigate your video presence through beautiful virtual environments.

Float between conversations with friends or colleagues.

Explore public events or attend private gatherings.

Discover a human centered internet.

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Can I host larger events?

Absolutely! Infinite worlds on worlds on worlds. You can jump between worlds from a custom landing page.

Is my space private?

Your space is as public or private as you would like to make it. You control your access URL and can share it with who you want.

Can I create a custom world?

Get in contact with our team at hello@urnowhere.com for inquiries about creating worlds totally customized for you.